Rocket Fuel Media

RocketFuel Media is Powering the Future of Storytelling by bringing together our strengths in Canadian media funding, interactive production and content creation. We bring the right creative and the right tech to transport your project into the digital dimension.

Band of Magicians

Band of Magicians is the world’s first magic supergroup, using the best in young, internationally recognized magical talent. Every version of the show is different and is produced with four hip, cool, magicians doing mind-boggling magic tricks, performing to a rockin’ soundtrack and a hilarious sense of humor.

Niche (Niche)

Niche (niche) is a team of proven strategic, digital, marketing, video and design professionals who create digital/social media strategies to ensure clients engage their target audiences.  We believe “social” is a way of being not a platform.

Communities of Passion

Communities of Passion creates intensely connected relationships between businesses and consumers, leveraging the power of passion-centric consumers. pCommerce grants access to the most passionate influencers and provides the pre-built instant connection required to build a trusted and long-lasting relationship which, in turn, creates loyal brand advocates.

Co. Ferrara Ltd.

Luigi Ferrara is a globally recognized thought leader in all things Design and Strategy. Co. Ferrara creates Design that leads to commercial success, social cohesion and environmental sustainability. We have a successful history of developing solutions that attract capital and positions companies for success in their chosen markets. One of our differentiators is a proprietary methodology that combines both multi-disciplinary skill sets and talent.

Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys is acknowledged as one of Canada’s most creative and exclusive boutique style Advertising Production companies. We provide award-winning and world class Advertising Production, specializing in radio, soundscaping, music and video Production.

MysteryBox Media

MysteryBox Media bridges the gap between content creation and the integration of appropriate and emerging technologies. MBM provides a complete solution for companies looking to explore new technology in advertising and media projects.

Franchise Growth Strategies was created to provide customised solutions to address the unique needs of franchisors, bringing together a rare blend of special talents including franchise law, capital raising, strategic business planning, and branding, marketing, and advertising.

Sterling Kessler Entertainment

Sterling Kessler Entertainment brings together a diverse track record of industry successes across: Intellectual property development; Intellectual property rights acquisition; Worldwide distribution; Live event production and promotion; Television programming; And web-based strategy and content creation.

JK Trading Company

For companies looking for more control with their brands and product lines when entering a new market, JK Trading Company offers an alternative distribution model, acting as an extension of the core team and brand in the new territory. JKTC is singularly focused on your brand, and works with you to represent the brand and product while helping to navigate the different culture and environment. With deep experience in distribution, sales and branding, and strong access to the appropriate retail buyers, our team is positioned to be an ideal partner. JKTC builds relationships with retail buyers, offers sales analysis, and develops special events (with promotional opportunities), marketing and branding.

Endo Networks

Endo Networks helps our clients acquire more, higher-value customers using interactive digital solutions to improve in-field selling and marketing. We achieve our mission through the extensive use of technology, highly-refined promotional tactics and the real-time application of marketing and data sciences. Think of us as a sales accelerator.


World Indie Media Marketplace is the first online marketplace for independent films. Supported by film festivals around the world, W.I.M.M. provides an easy and convenient platform for producers/filmmakers to market their film properties and for distributors to find, screen and acquire rights to titles from around the world.


The Kidpick YouTube Channel is part of a crowdsourcing kids’ friendly platform that puts kids in the front seat of the family car. Let them take part in deciding where to go for dinner!


iMagician is a spectacle of contemporary performance art, fusing magic and mentalism with technology to create illusions with iPads, holograms, laser beams, Facebook and Twitter.

Agent X Solutions

Agent x Solutions Consults with companies on strategic business/marketing challenges. Leveraging a combination of Marketing, Finance, Customer Experience and Management to provide critical thinking and offer solutions to help grow the business and open new revenue opportunities. Tapping into current business resources to gain insights on changes within the competitive landscape and identify specific trends and tactics.